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Catalyst is a 1-4 days workshop that puts knowledge into perspective. It is when different bits and pieces start making business sense. The goal of this session is to: 1) Immerse and activate consumer knowledge, 2) Integrate and create meaning, 3) Make choices and move forward.

And guess what! Catalyst doesn’t lose its potency the minute your team walks out of the session. It continues to provide you and your team with the tools to respond to specific business challenges and develop specific, targeted plans to drive further action.

Catalyst is led by special graphic templates and facilitated by senior consultants with extensive business experience in sales and marketing besides research.

Typical price:    € 2,600
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Better digest research findings.
Total organisation alignment on what consumers want.
Make full use of research investment and set clear directions.
Set who needs to do what by when.

Graphic template example
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Movie Report


Movie Report turns research findings into exciting movies and helps you better communicate findings and inspire internal & external audiences. Immersion studies are videotaped, footage is analysed and quick videos are produced in order to present main findings. Movie report is ideal as a selling tool for new initiatives (product relaunches, category re-inventions, etc.).

Typical price:    € 3,900
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Let consumers speak on your behalf.
Inspire the organisation and drive action.
Use it as sales material for new launches and campaigns.

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