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Traditional market research often assumes that respondents are able to recall faithfully, report fully and understand their own behaviour - when often they can’t. Reported behaviour, attitudes and declared intentions often bear little relation to real world behaviour and this discrepancy can in many cases be explained by behavioural and cognitive biases. Price and Promo Games are gamified research processes that are based on the Behavioural Economics (BE) theory. Having a game instead of a traditional questionnaire dramatically increases quality and accuracy of results, while BE theory helps us overcome human biases like: “We don’t really know the price of anything”, “We rely on comparisons”, “We anchor and then adjust”, “We tend to avoid extremes”, etc.

In these tools, a diverse, faithfully aggregated and no-conferring sample of 500 or more people play online games and provide solid quantitative data and rich qualitative diagnostics, after they have been exposed to a contextual stimulus. The only prerequisite is that respondents just need to know what we are talking about.

Starting at     € 6,900
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Don’t stay on what people claim to like. Deep dive on their instinctive reactions.
Find the optimum value spot. Don’t overdo it with price cuts and promotions.
Select price points and promotions that lead to brand switching, not just stocking up.
Increase promotion impact without any extra cost. Simply by changing promotion communication.

Key Deliverables
Price Concentrations Indicates psychological price points along with their popularity.
Price Optimiser Calculates optimum pricing by analysing implicit responses.
Promo Net Impact Predicts volume uplift coming only from competition.
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