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BrainPack provides you with a quick and efficient way to understand the potential of different pack design routes removing the guesswork, helping you by optimising and validating at the same time. Tool simulates real decision-making context to ensure that respondents use fast, intuitive judgement - just as they would at the moment of purchase "truth" in a store - with emotion-led diagnostics that get at how people feel about your pack to help you take the right steps to improve it.

BrainPack is available in 2 versions: Hot (Shopper focused: Super Market shelf simulation) and Cold (Consumer focused: Consumption context simulation)

Starting at     € 6,800
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Assess instinctive reactions under time limit and ensure you won't lose any distictive assets along the way of redesign.
Evaluate Key Associations and Metrics, Brand fit, Profiling and many more.
Read rich qualitative diagnostics and further improve your visual impact.
Validate and optimise at the same time.

Key Deliverables
Emotion Tracker Shows how different people feel about your brand and key competitors
Rational Scores Ranks brands in key category drivers.
Associations, Equity fit & Profiling Deep dive into what each pack stands for.
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