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Usage & Attitudes studies provide the essential knowledge to every marketer who takes his/her brand and category seriously. They usually end up in cluster analysis, hundreds of slides and bored to death audiences. Would you believe that you can have all the knowledge you need presented like a magazine?

BrainProfiles is Braincandy’s unique segmentation approach with an advanced cluster analysis (segmentation) and special presentation that translates “boring excel tables” into interesting and actionable consumer profiles. Segmentation can be based on consumers’ motivations, consumption habits, behaviour, lifestyle, but definitely not just demographics. The outcome provides distinctiveness on brand preferences and actionability on consumer segments. Statistical analysis of data (cluster analysis) along with synthesis and presentation is performed by experienced statisticians and senior business practitioners.

Starting at    € 29,900
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Get quantitative data on what people do and how think in your category.
Read rich qualitative diagnostics on habits and attitudes.
Assess how people feel about each brand in the category and why.
Segment the market and understand what people really want.

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Shopper Challenge


Shopper Challenge takes shopper immersion and observation to a whole new level. We don’t just observe, we break the auto pilot and challenge shopping habits with your help

A multifunctional team (Braincandy, Brand & Retailer) visits the store to spot shopper opportunities (i.e. promotions, low prices, displays, innovation signs, etc.) and traps (i.e. misleading material, OOS, etc.) according to the business objectives. Then Braincandy visits the same stores with shoppers and follow a total store accompanied shopping. The aim of this tool is to understand shoppers’ behaviour and reveal the opportunities and traps from the shoppers’ eyes by challenging their choices.

Typical price:    € 7,800
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Break in-store autopilot and reveal shopper insights.
Understand the full context of your category.
Test in-store activations within context and mindset.
Record sessions and use them as internal and external stimuli.

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