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BrandBeat is a quick and affordable online equity scan tool that focuses only on things that really matter, giving you a clear idea of where your brand really stands in the heart of your consumers.

It is a web-based application that goes miles beyond brand awareness, unlocking hidden opportunities associated with brand image. Based on behavioural economics philosophy, BrandBeat focuses on how people feel about brands - rather than just what they think - while exploring the level of engagement with open-ended questions and finally introducing price parameter into the equity equation.

BrandBeat explores 4 areas:

  • Fame & Fluency: TOM & Spontaneous Awareness under time limit and Distinctive Assets
  • Emotions & Associations: Emotional score and key associations, benchmarking (vs key competitors)
  • Goals & Motivations: Category Drivers importance and respective POD, POP, PODis
  • Reality & Extras: Brand funnel and bottlenecks reasons. Brand penetration and potential through "share game"

Starting at     € 8,800
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Assess what people feel about your brand, not just what they think.
Complete your brand’s funnel - from awareness to main preference - and compare it with others.
Reveal brand character through subconscious exercises and visual metaphors.
Read rich qualitative diagnostics and better understand brand perceptions.
See how strong your brand is regarding emotional score through database benchmarks.

Key Deliverables
Emotion Tracker Shows how different people feel about your brand and key competitors.
Rational Scores Ranks brands in key category drivers.
Visual Metaphors Reveals brand character through subconscious exercises.
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