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BrandTunes is the best way to evaluate TV copies quantitatively without losing the richness and depth of a qualitative approach. Latest findings in TV copy design show that pure emotional campaigns are highly correlated with very large profit gains (31% vs. 16% of rational campaigns, Source: IPA dataMINE), so you need to measure the emotional side of your copy, which is a lot more sensitive than traditional measures.

BrandTunes explores first impressions, feelings and thoughts for 5 TV copies at the same time (you can benchmark with your competitor) and provides solid metrics and rich qualitative insights for improvement and better targeting. The tool uses the 7 emotions that are expressed and received in the same way by all people across the globe so it can easily run in many different countries, like any other Global Tool of Braincandy.

Typical price:    € 5,500
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Assess what people feel about your ad, not just what they think.
Solid answers quicker than ever. Results in real time means decisions within as little as 24 hours.
Read rich qualitative diagnostics apart from quantitative data and further improve winning ads.
Don’t lose any breakthrough idea under mean scores again. We spot them as Stop & Rethink!
Test ideas anywhere in the world, in any language, any culture.

Key Deliverables
Emotion Tracker Shows how different people feel about your TV Copy.
S.T.R.O.N.G. Shows whether it is Simple, True, Relevant, On Equity, New and Convincing
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