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Whereas what we retain and feel after the exposure to any marketing stimulus can reveal its Brand Building potential, the elements we notice and the feelings we experience during our exposure to the same stimulus uncover its Activation potential.

Following on our quest for consumer’s “System 1”, Braincandy brings neuroscience at your fingertips and introduces BrainMetrics, our (r)evolutionary biometrics test that combines eye tracking, face recognition, EEG (ElectroEncephaloGrapher) and mouse tracking to allow a view to the consumer’s unconscious and get 100% implicit reactions to various marketing stimuli, without even asking.

BrainMetrics delivers actionable results in terms of pre-launch evaluation, post-launch optimisation and most notably activation for various marketing activities such as TV, Print or OOH campaigns, websites, key visuals etc.

BrainMetrics can be also combined with many other Braincandy tools to deliver the “perfect storm” in terms of optimising both the Brand Building and the Activation Potential of your marketing initiatives. For instance, combine it with BrandTunes for TV copy pretesting, find the winner TVC in terms of Building potential and then BrainMetrics shall give you on a second-by-second measurement the attention and emotion levels generated by the content, highlighting the activation opportunities for your ad. Thus, you can make sure that your cut versions optimise copy length without losing essential parts of the story and that you have selected the top frames for your digital and key visuals roll-out.

Starting at:    € 5,900
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Get a full scale understanding of what consumers see, how they feel and how they react to your stimuli.
Assess a variety of stimuli, from TVCs to websites, digital campaigns, Print and OOH advertising and pack designs.
Optimise your multi-screen strategy by making sure that TV and online activation use the strongest creative elements you have.
Benefit from automated reporting with comprehensive visualisations and statistics in no more than 2 weeks time.

Key Deliverables
TVC pre or post testing Get consumers reaction on a second-by-second basis.
Website & digital content testing Understand consumers’ eye and mouse navigation for your website.
Shelf placement and stand out Evaluate pack’s visibility, stand out and emotional appeal on the shelf.
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Touchpoints Modeling


Touchpoints Modelling is a tool that can help you measure the long-term impact of your activities across different touchpoints: TV, Print, Web, Radio, etc. In other words, it measures how different initiatives change the way consumers feel and think about your brand. Consumers express their opinions about different brands and select various stimuli they had been exposed to. Besides stimuli reach, Touchpoints Model measures the impact of each stimuli to consumers’ opinions and calculates total effect on brand.

Touchpoints Modelling philosophy can also be used as an extra module of BrandBeat. This is a limited scope analysis that can show indications regarding the impact of group initiatives (ie. big campaigns).

Typical price:    € 18,800
excluding V.A.T.

Why choose this tool?
Measure the Reach and Impact of your activities across different groups.
Calculate activities’ effect on brand equity.
Read rich qualitative diagnostics and improve your messages.
Optimise your communication mix.

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